New Procases for iPhone 6 Plus & Note 3 and 4 are on sale

The new Procases for iPhone 6 Plus & Note 3 and 4 are finally on the market.

In addition to traditional Procase strong points, we have added a higher compatibility to fit specifically these devices.

Security for high-end devices

Thanks to the feedback received in the last months, our range of housings evolves to ensure a safe and reliable protection to high-end smartphones.

The following video describes the main features of Procase housings, as functional design, hermetic closure, resistance to weathering, the possibility to recharge smartphones on the go.

Visit our dedicated website

You can find all technical information in the product area of our portal.

From February, moreover, there is on line a web-site dedicated to our array of housings. You can visit it by clicking here.

JUL 01, 2015