Eicma 2015: Interphone presents Tour, Sport and Urban

Eicma 2015 marks a watershed for Interphone.

We’ve strengthened our bond with our mother company Cellularline, a global brand and a leading firm in the market of accessories for smartphones and tablets.

We’ve launched a new logo, synthesis of the solidity gained over the years and the enthusiasm of recent innovations.

We’ve presented 3 new intercoms, fruit of a careful market research analyzing habits, needs and driving styles of motorcyclists.

The new intercoms: usability and audio quality

Our new array has a simpler use (with direct access keys); an improved sound quality (thanks to a new 80 MHz digital signal processor); an ever more distinctive and sophisticated design.

New batteries have a record-breaking 15-hours autonomy, united with the Fast Charge technology ensuring 80% of charging in about 1 hour.

The function Anycom allows to connect via Bluetooth® to intercoms of every brand.

The automatic reconnection restores instead the connection simply returning within the intercom range.

Tour: a premium product

Tour is the leading intercom of our new offering. Studied for long journeys.

It stands out for its build quality and its elegant Black Chrome titanium body. 

Tour can connect up to 4 motorcyclists within a maximum distance of 1,3 km.

It’s easy to install, waterproof, compatible with all helmet models and with all smartphones fitted with Bluetooth® technology.

Tour has voice commands and allows to make and receive calls, listen to music and follow GPS indications.

Tour goes on sale in early 2016. A single kit costs € 269.00; a double one € 489.00.

Urban: a companion in the city

Urban is an intercom to city: lively, colorful, dynamic.

Black, with orange keys and details.

Urban enables to listen to FM radio and music, talk in the home-work journey and follow the navigation instructions in Bluetooth® connection.

Compatible with the majority of helmets on market.

Useful even while traveling, since it ensures an easy rider-passenger communication.

Urban goes on sale in early 2016. A single kit costs € 139,00; a double one € 249,00.

Sport: smart and connected

Sport is dedicated to who love to remain always connected and share with friends any emotions of a run by motorbike.

By connecting via Bluetooth®  to a smartphone, it permits to enjoy music and radio in hi-fi quality, share music with passengers and receive GPS directions.

It can also be operated through voice commands (VOX).

Sport goes on sale in early 2016. A single kit costs € 229,00; a double one € 399,00.

NOV 17, 2015