New range of intercoms: only for motorbikers 2.0

Finally spring has arrived, and with it three new models appropriate to all addicted of two wheels, who want to ride on saddle with the good weather.
Each to his own. The new range of accessories suits different needs of two wheels community: from the youngest always connected, to business man, hard to please.

Three new models are crafted for three different lifestyles, but with a common feature: passion for motorcycles.


Interphone Tour
The highest quality paired with an excellent design. Interphone Tour is for adventurous who face long trips, and for style addicted.
Performances at the top, Interphone Tour assures a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, reception and sending calls, listening to music and navigation instructions. You can also share your experiences and emotions with a maximum of four riders, within a distance of 1.5 km. If you lose the connection, Interphone Tour is able to reconnect immediately and automatically.  
Long journeys need a maximum battery life, but an intercom could run out with music and GPS sat-nav indications. Interphone Tour call out any type of intercom on market with a battery life more than 20 hours, quickly rechargeable with Fast Charge: 20 minutes assure 6 hours of battery life.  
Beyond top performances, elegant shapes and matt gray finishes make Interphone Tour ideal mate for your travel in safe and with style.  
€ 269.
Interphone Urban
Interphone Urban is for urban motorbikers, used to reach every day office, to trip out of town with lovers or for business trips. 
Interphone Urban can be mounted on all types of helmets, currently available on market. Bluetooth technology allows you to receive calls in the journey home-work. As always, it allows to listen to music (even on FM radio) and to follow directions provided by GPS sat-nav. 
Guaranteed 12-hour battery life, and a 80% recovery of the total battery in 60 minutes of charging.
Unique design for unique comfort. Elegant shapes are in contrast with white details with the result of a functional and unique model.
€ 149.


Interphone Sport
For adventurous motorbikers.
Interphone Sport is for a young community, dynamic and social, with a particular attention to share experiences with other riders.
With Bluetooth connection, you can call, listen to music in hi-fi quality and receive GPS sat-nav indications. During your travel, you can share your music with your passenger. You can activate Interphone Sport with simply vocal controls, and with advanced functions, you can connect your intercom with anyone else on market (with Bluetooth technology). With an automatic reconnection, Interphone Sport will reconnect itself automatically. 
Up to 15 hours of battery, you can charge it fully in 120 minutes.
Interphone Sport has sophisticated lines and a shiny hematite color.
€ 229.

All models are certified IP67: they are resistant to water and dust.
All three want to be the ideal mate for every motorbikers with different lifestyles.

New models will be purchased by the end of April in your trusted store.
Check out the one nearest you