How to travel comfortably by motorcycle? The accessories that make the difference.

Someone says that traveling by bike is uncomfortable. They probably does not know the range of Cellularline Interphone accessories: every adventure on two wheels becomes an enjoyable holiday experience.


Feeling comfortable is essential when you are traveling. The journey is the best way to relax and enjoy everything has to offer an adventure. It's important to be ready and well-equipped, here are some tips for traveling in comfort on two wheels with  new Tour models, Urban and Sports:  



Today internet is an indispensable tool for planning a journey, organizing stages, deviations and for  following the sat-nav.  Protection accessories can help you. They grab handlebar of your motorcycle and they allow you to fix your smartphone in a convenient position for following maps during your journey.  

- See Mirror holder for Iphone and Galaxy cases

- See Holder for scooters

- See U holder for Iphone and Galaxy cases

- See Holder for Iphone and Galaxy cases

- See Holder for maxi handebars up to 50mm diameter



The length of the journey can often reach distances between 500 and 600 km. When you travel many hours on saddle, you can receive calls, listen to music or simply talk with your travel mate. However time can always reduce battery of your smartphones and sat-nav.  

Run out of battery can cause difficulties, for this reason  adapters with dual USB socket are designed for those bikers who love long stretches:

- See Dual usb din adapter

The great part of a journey is the possibility to change freely itinerary, directions, and some places not initially scheduled.  The freedom to change roadmaps can give you the chance to discover surprising detours.  Why don't you take a break in complete relax?  

The adapter with cigarette lighter socket will give you the opportunity to enjoy the view in total freedom and comfort:

- See Cigarette lighter socket adapter/din socket adapter

-  See Cigarette lighter socket for handlebar



For all long distances lovers it is important to communicate with adventurers mates. To make the most efficient audio conversations there is ProSound Sound Kit. It is designed specifically for shpoei and schubert touring helmets:

- See Prosound audio kit shoei - tour/sport/urban

- See Prosound audio kit schuberth - tour/sport/urban

For new Tour models, Urban and Sport are available universal audio kit:

- See Universal audio kit - Tour/Sport/Urban

Instead of kit, if you need to replace some parts, you can considert the Spare parts kit:

- See Spare parts kit - Tour/Sport/Urban


Have a good journey!