The Official App to customize Interphone Tour, Urban and Sport is Now Available.

The new App of Interphone is now available on the Play Store for Android smartphone.
By downloading the App you can change the settings and control easily and in a rapid way your Interphone, on the road!

Which are benefits?

- The App increases the functionality of your intercom and it makes safer your travel in motorcycle.
- You can customize your intercom easily and in a rapid and intuitive way.
- You can keep on hand all settings. 


How does it work?

- Install the app
- Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to your intercom
- Access all settings of your headset.
Also you can take advantage of the features of your intercom by using your smartphone as a remote control.


Two important informations to know

- Before using this app, be sure that the Bluetooth unit is updated with the latest firmware. If it is not updated, please download the latest version of the Software Updater
- The App Interphone will be available for iPhone at the end of September.

At the end of September an update of Android version will be released: you will be able to customize the functionality of the radio.


Which model of intercom is compatible with the App?

The Interphone App is compatible with:
interphone Tour,
interphone Sport, Interphone Urban.


Which Smartphone is compatible with the app?

The Interphone App is compatible with any Android smartphone updated to version 4.1 or later.


Download now the App from the Play Store



Download now the App from the App Store