Metà Ruote, Metà Pedaggio event

Interphone will be present at the event "Metà Ruote, Metà Pedaggio" to deliver 30 thousand signatures and to demand the decrease of 50% motorway tariffs for two wheels.

This weekend will be important politically: Federico Aliverti,  Director of "Motociclismo", will deliver a document with 30,000 signatures to request the halving of road toll for two wheels to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Riccardo Nencini.
Even Paolo Sesti (president of the Italian Motorcycling Federation) will be present to encourage the use of motorcycles on Italian expressways. The event is organized in an important location for all riders: the international Mugello circuit.


What does the Italian law?

From 1 January 1991, with the inter-ministerial decree 2691 of 19/12/1990, the toll is charged according to the axes-shape.
Motorcycle has two axes, as a car and so the payment is the same. Before 1991 motorcycles were separated from cars.
For these reasons, the petition has managed to collect 30 thousand signatures demanding for a re-evaluation of these parameters and to re-establish a toll dedicated only to motorcycles and scooters.