Do you know what is an InterphoneDay?

Don’t miss the opportunity to test our intercoms and accessories. We will travel all over Italy to cut the distances between Interphone and you. We want to be closer to you that already have our products, and to you, that for the first time, you want to get some informations about our intercoms.  Since the beginning, we want to make your experience on two wheels, a journey in total comfort. 

We pay attention to your experience as a rider, and for this reason you can find a right reply to your habits in our products: from intercoms, to the accessories for your journey.

In every InterphoneDay you can test our models and you can get informations by our technical staff. All over 2017 we will be on the road, and we will be the only one to do this! Don’t miss InterphoneDay events, these are the dates of April:

1st April:

  • Enneci2 – Pescara - Italy
  • Rialb - Palermo - Italy

8th April: 

  • Biker Zone, Verona - Italy
  • Planet Sport - Saronno (VA) - Italy

22th April: Market 2 Ruote – Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso - Italy

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