Acceptance of products on the part of the shipper, carrier or whoever else is assigned with collection of the goods, makes reference to the good condition of the packaging, and any liability of Cellular Italia S.p.A. in this regard ceases upon delivery.

Without prejudice to what is specified regarding any improvements or adjustments of the product compared to the characteristics set out in the catalogue which do not compromise quality, Cellular Italia S.p.A. guarantees the conformity of the product with the declared characteristics and the absence of faults and defects as per the legislation currently in force.

Complaints of faults and defects or of lack of conformity made by the final consumer (or by the customer seeking compensation with regards to their customers' requests) which are made after the period of warranty shall be the responsibility of the customer, with the exclusion of any right of compensation or recourse.

Notification of the defect must be made within the time period of two months from its discovery, accompanied, on penalty of inadmissibility, by a description of the defect, a copy of the consumer's purchase receipt, the customer's details and reference details of the customer's purchase invoice. Evident defects, such as breakages, abrasions and scratches, or a lack of conformity with the declared aesthetic features, which were not immediately visible before the purchase are presumed to be detectable at the time of purchase (in which case they are considered as accepted by the customer and/or by the consumer and are not covered by the warranty).

By virtue of the warranty granted, Cellular Italia S.p.A. undertakes to replace or repair products that are recognised as defective or non-conforming, provided that the faults are not attributable to transport, improper use and/or storage, incorrect assembly or their irrational or inappropriate use, and in any case, the responsibility in general of the customer, its claimants or third parties.

The warranty shall cease to have effect in the event that modifications have been made, or there is evidence of negligence in the product's assembly, of improper or non-conforming use with respect to the operating instructions or, finally, tampering of the product.

The warranty is not effective for those products returned without adequate packaging so as to protect them from damage during return transport.

Cellular Italia S.p.A. guarantees that the product is safe according to safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards in force when put on sale.

Cellular Italia S.p.A. declines all liability for damages of any nature, whether direct or indirect, caused to persons, animals or objects, as a result of a use of the products other than that legitimately foreseen when the products were manufactured.

General condition of international sale