Who We Are

Cellular Italia was founded in 1990 as a distributor of the first mobile phones. The company's management background derives from the electronic consumer goods sector, where it acquired experience, know-how and a fine sales force. In the early years, the limited performance levels of E-TACS phones prompted Cellular Italia to produce its first accessory, the in-car battery charger, and to launch its Cellular Line® brand.

Over twenty years have gone by since then, and the determination of the company management has enabled the company to expand its structure with 4 subsidiaries and foreign divisions, with offices in Europe, so as to distribute its products throughout the national territory and in over 70 foreign countries in the world, making Cellular Line® the leading brand in Italy for compatible accessories, and expanding the horizons of its business to new product categories, creating special brands and lines of accessories for music players, digital cameras, netbooks, laptops of the last generation and tablets.

Today Cellular Italia S.p.A. can count on a share capital entirely paid in for 7,240,000 euro, and a group turnover annually of about 160 million euro. Since the outset of its business it has distributed and sold over 150 million pieces, 18 million in 2014.

Who We Are

The Interphone "dream team"

In 2005, Cellular Line introduced its first Bluetooth® Interphone. The device was received by the markets as a harbinger of great innovation in communication between motorcyclists, who were still tied down by antiquated wired transmission systems that offered neither the quality nor the safety that only Interphone could provide from the moment it arrived on the scene.

Over the years, Interphone has earned the complete trust of motorcyclists, thanks to the extreme serviceability and reliability of its devices, so it has become their perfect companion on the highway and in the city. Also, Interphone is now identified as a brand that develops and produces innovative devices for the market, which is partially due to its persistent presence as an exhibitor at the world's most important motorcycle trade fairs, where the attractiveness, competence and visuals of its innovative stands have consistently attracted the great interest of both professionals and visitors.