The final frontier of group telecommunications is called TRIBE- the innovative transceiver that needs no wired connections and can be used with any Bluetooth® headset.

TRIBE is voice-activated and hands-free: there's no button to push that can distract you from your riding or driving!

TRIBE offers limitless operational capabilities because it is totally compatible with all Bluetooth® audio systems and can handle one or more groups of motorcyclists with any Bluetooth® audio device in their helmets. When matched with an F4/F3 Interphone, TRIBE can handle a Bluetooth® mobile phone and a GPS navigator simultaneously.

TRIBE resists water and dust, is exceptionally light and compact, and is even equipped with an ultralight lithium battery that provides long talk and standby times.

TRIBE is designed, built and guaranteed by Cellular Line - Europe's number one producer of mobile phone accessories.



  • For sports such as cycling, racing, trekking, sailboating, fishing
  • On trips by motorcycle, car, camper and boat, on the beach, in parks
  • While working in warehouses, on construction sites and in discos, for trade fairs and events
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life


  • PMR 446 transceiver
  • Bluetooth® V2.0 / V2.1 technology