Quality and Compatibility

The guarantee assured by the Cellular Italia group on the quality and full compatibility of its products is the tangible result of consolidated procedures and activities which have, since 1990, been making a brand like Cellular Line® the mobile phone accessory reference point in Europe!

Cellular Italia engineers every product, or develops it in collaboration with its technological partners, directly in Italy. From the earliest design phases, each project is developed by rigorously following strict principles of quality, reliability and respect for environment. Before each prototype goes into production, it is tested with every mobile phone to guarantee complete compatibility.

The tests involve detailed simulations of use which aim to verify functionality, efficiency and resistance. These tests are carried out at the Cellular Italia Research and Development Laboratories in Reggio Emilia.

Before being placed on the market, all products undergo checks and inspections in three different laboratories: in the factory where they are manufactured, in the laboratories at the group's main headquarters, and in the technical department at the logistics division. Every Cellular Line product undergoes all tests for certification under EU standards for sale.

Quality and Compatibility


Cellular Line products are guaranteed by law at POPs where the purchase was made. The Cellular Italia Group also offers comprehensive, competent after-sales care, also all over Europe through the other companies in the group and the distributors located in most countries of the continent.


Cellular Italia S.p.A.'s company procedures and activities have been certified under UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 with the following field of application:

"Style, design management, sales and after-sales service of own brand name accessories for mobile and multimedia phones."