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  • ANYCOM: allows you to communicate with intercom devices
  • AUDIO MULTI MIX: listen to music or GPS without interruptions- you can communicate in intercom mode and at the same time listen to another source in the background
  • AUDIO: windproof directional microphone, NDVC- automatic volume adjustment, dual volume adjustment mode for jet and modular helmets - for full-face helmets
  • GPS: compatible with the main bluetooth motorcycle navigators, GPS voice instructions, compatible with the main smartphone navigation apps
  • Hi-Fi Audio
  • INTEGRATED FM RADIO: automatic storage of the first 8 most powerful stations
  • MOBILE PHONE: speed dial - possibility of storing a telephone number to be recalled quickly with an intercom command, voice call, last call redial, phone conversation with passenger
  • MP3 / MUSIC: wireless MP3 playback from smartphone and MP3 player, song sharing (music sharing between driver and passenger
  • SMARTPHONE APP: compatibile con iOS e Android. Permette di impostare e controllare l’interfono direttamente dallo Smartphone
  • STANDBY: 1000 hours
  • TTS: voice synthesis for reading incoming phone call name
  • Voice commands: controls the main intercom functions with simple voice commands

Package single
Use up to 8
Battery duration more 15
Weight 55 gr
Distance Oltre 1Km
Type of kit universal
Compatible with Bluetooth® Yes