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Specialization or all in one? For those who prefer to beat the second road, the obvious choice is EatSleepRIDE. Born within the homonymous vibrant (and very technological) online community, the application contains (almost) everything that a motorcyclist armed with a smartphone can desire. And so, maps, route tracking (with the possibility of sharing), data collection on bend angles and speed reached during the journey, functionality to ask for help in case of failure and so on and so forth. The icing on the Crashlight cake is the technology that recognizes a possible accident and sends an alert message to three contacts designated with the coordinates of their position. Because safety comes first.

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Ride The Way
The goal is to be the reference app for technologically demanding riders. And it could not be otherwise since behind the development there is a two-wheel innovation leader like Bosch. The strength of Ride The Way is the socialization of routes that allows you to keep track of your journeys (even if they last several days) and to discover those made by others. While the pleasure of traveling in company - told by dozens of films - is enhanced by the LiveSync feature that allows the various components of the centaurs to synchronize so that you can check the position of each on your smartphone at any time. More united than that ...


Pirelli Diablo SBK
Can't you afford sophisticated equipment for collecting data on your motorcycle performance? Don't worry, here is the app for you. Just enter some information about your bike and the tires used and have the smartphone with you. The rest does it all Pirelli Diablo SBK offering you for every point of your journey data on speed, lean angle, acceleration of gravity. While there is, it also records the altitude and is able to determine the type of asphalt tackled. What else to add? Recommended especially for track enthusiasts.



Best Biking Roads
Sometimes by number it is worth more than many words. In this case the figure is 12,900 (and beyond). In other words, the number of itineraries conducted over the years by the community of Best Biking Roads, the largest site in the world when it comes to routes for motorcyclists. If you have to choose the right path for you and you want to be on the safe side, just turn to this "classic" two-wheeler online that has long been an app for smartphones with the same features as the web space from which it was born: complete , essential, passionate. In a word: essential.


Yes, okay it's not a specific app for bikers. And yes, motorcycles disentangle themselves from traffic better than cars. But it cannot be denied that for anyone who dreams the most free roads possible Waze is the most useful application in circulation. To avoid traffic jams, queues, slowdowns or simply to choose the path less flooded among those available, Waze works better for a simple reason: it exploits the intelligence of the community or the data shared between all those who use it and that allow the technology of application to transform them into traffic information and the speed of different journeys. Details certainly not insignificant for a motorcyclist.