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Enjoy the 2 + 2 warranty extension on intercoms purchased on the website


The passion for two wheels is difficult to explain in words. A motorcycle is much more than just a means of transport, it is something that adds thrill to life, something that can bring people together. Among the enthusiasts there is a sort of camaraderie, in fact there are communities that deal with advice on accessories, travel stories, opinions regarding itineraries, stories of experiences ... Moto travelers is not just a community of motorcycle travelers on Instagram with over 110,000 followers but a real family. The idea comes from Alex Di Muzio, a 28-year-old Italian boy, with a strong passion for travel, first in 4x4 and now on a motorcycle, constantly looking for new adventures. The philosophy is to share photos and experiences in the saddle that come from all corners of the globe, exchanging opinions on any topic concerning the Adventure segment: from motorcycles, to accessories, to unmissable places to visit but also suggestions on where to camp and where find contacts in case of help.

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Preparing for a journey is never easy: deciding on the destination, what level of difficulty we are ready to face, understanding how to prepare the suitcase optimizing the little space, what kind of clothing to wear to face unpredictable climate changes, what equipment could be used, check the engine and the tires ... Alex di Muzio despite receiving many requests concerning the preparation of the trip and the bike always advises to understand what their needs are because every person lives the journey with different emotions and concerns. "... so take your motorbike and go, at every km you will understand what is indispensable or not in a motorbike. Mototrip after mototrip, you will understand your size."

MotoTravellers has chosen the Interphone wireless charging stand as a travel companion for his latest adventures. With Interphone it has in common the passion for two wheels and the interest in constant innovation aimed at increasing motorcycle safety.

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With SMMOTOWIRELESS, the phone always remains charged in maximum comfort thanks to the absence of cables. Once installed and connected to the motorcycle's electrical system, it will be sufficient to insert the smartphone in the holder, without removing the case, to quickly recharge it. It is made of ultra-resistant material and allows an extremely easy use thanks to the quick coupling-release system.