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Elegance is part of the Harley-Davidson imaginary. And from motorcycles and accessories could only move to the web. Result: the online travel planning service of the brand synonymous with "on the road" has in the DNA the genes of the two wheels from which it descends. Clean, no frills, in a word, classy. The site allows you to insert the desired route on a map and to see it displayed with suggestions of places to sleep, eat, points of interest and events in the H-D world.
Very useful feature that allows you to change the route directly on the electronic map, simply by moving the route line with the mouse.



Not always to plan a motorcycle trip you have to start from scratch. Rather often we can rely on the knowledge of the motorcyclist community. For this reason there is nothing better than sites like BestBiking Roads and MotorcycleRoads (the latter much more focused on the United States) that collect thousands of tested 
and voted routes by two-wheelers like us. If the strength of both services is the number of routes available, there is no lack of tools that can help you better calibrate your choice. 
MotorcycleRoads, for example, allows you to search for the route not only by specifying the geographical area, but also the quality of the landscape, the quantity and variety of services available along the road and the quality of the roads. 
How to say, for all tastes!



If you have decided to make a motorcycle trip in the UK, the choice for the planning site can only fall on MotoGoLoco. 
The strength of this service is that the simplicity of the creation of the map (which allows, if one wishes it, to avoid highways or pay roads) combines a very precious and rich database of solutions for parking, accommodation and food. Because traveling by motorbike is beautiful and doing it being able to sleep comfortably and on a full stomach even more.



If the absence of frills meets your taste then TwistyRide is for you. The aspect is spartan: a map and the relative spaces where to insert point of departure, of arrival and possible stages. That's all? No, there is even more. The system's response is rapid and decidedly detailed with lots of suggestions on how to divide the journey into stages (although some days TwistyRide is likely to make us overdo it a little too much, actually). "Touring" mode is also available: the user can specify the days available, the daily hours he intends to spend in the saddle, receiving in return the recommended routes to explore the surroundings of a location with relative recommendations for places to eat.