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Today Alessandro Ciceri is with us, better known as Alessandro Wizz. Motorcycle traveler and winter lover who tells us how his passion for travel was born, the country he visited that most surprised him and what are the essential accessories to better face every departure.

In which year did you start traveling by motorbike?
In 2010, after 4 years on the motorbike, I left for my first trip, and it was particular for two reasons: I traveled many kilometers on completely new roads for the first time, and it is not difficult to find them from Romagna to Sicily! We were two, but perhaps it would be better to say "one and a half": my girlfriend at the time joined me in Catania by plane. We explored the island together, but in the 4 days spent alone to travel the 2,400 km round trip, I had the opportunity to enjoy a fundamental component of motorcycle travel: time spent together with oneself and nothing else.

How has the way of traveling by motorbike changed over the years?
The world is changing fast, and traveling you notice it better. After 10 years I realize that I have much more trust in others, so my relationship with strangers that I inevitably meet on my way has changed totally, and why not, also with the people with whom we are forced to talk to organize the nights: once they were mainly the employees of the hotel structures, now instead are the numerous people who offer to host me along the way.

What is the country that has most surprised you?
I happened to leave to cross a huge country, which I imagined was desert and flat, to reach a more secondary region that I was dying to explore deeply, and then, unexpectedly, to invest the first days of travel to discover the roads hidden in the green mountains. This country is Turkey: a wonder to be discovered kilometer by kilometer!


Tell us how planning an adventure motorcycle trip begins.
Everything starts from inspiration: a book, a film, a story. Often, we motorcyclists need much less, such as getting to know a beautiful mountain pass, reachable with their motorbike. And there is a desire to go there, even if it is on the other side of the world. From there begins the irreversible process of searching for information on the states to be crossed, on the necessary documents, on the tens of thousands of kilometers to go and here comes the best part: when you choose the road to follow, thus going to define what will be your own one trip.

What are the most frequent unexpected events during a trip?
Often there is the fear of being able to incur punctures, mechanical failures, attacks by bandits, corrupt policemen. All problems associated with people and causes external to us and therefore unpredictable. Most of the unforeseen events I had to deal with were caused by myself. First of all, define the itinerary with superficiality, without verifying the roads to be followed carefully or without accurately reporting them on the navigator or roadbook, with the consequence of being in inaccessible points or not knowing where to go anymore. The other most common mistake is to go wrong, without realizing it, thus lengthening the journey or worse losing myself. And when you have a beautifully loaded road bike, in the middle of dirt roads in the mountains, it's not nice!

How do you set up your bike for a long journey?
Over the years I have studied thoroughly catalogs and assortments of dozens of companies and I think I have found what is the perfect set-up for me! First of all the bags: two rigid side panels, in aluminum, top-filled, so as to be able to better manage the content. Then two soft bags, one to keep on the tank for all the useful things at hand, and one to be able to be mounted on the passenger seat where to keep everything that must be unloaded for each overnight stay: clothes, bathroom material, etc. The technology department is also very important to me: I never go out without the navigator to be able to study new roads and possibly save them to go back, just as a good intercom in my helmet can never be missing, whether to talk on the phone or with my companions. out, both to listen to some music in solo outings.

We thank Alessandro and we remind you that you too can follow him on his social channels so as not to miss his adventures:

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