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Interphone Connect
The best audio for conversations between a pilot and a passenger



  • AUDIO: windproof directional microphone, NDVC- automatic volume adjustment, dual volume adjustment mode for jet and modular helmets - for full-face helmets
  • MP3 / MUSIC: wireless MP3 playback from smartphone and MP3 player, song sharing (music sharing between driver and passenger
  • INTEGRATED FM RADIO: automatic storage of the first 8 most powerful stations
  • MOBILE PHONE: speed dial - possibility of storing a telephone number to be recalled quickly with an intercom command, voice call, redialing the last call
  • GPS: compatible with the main bluetooth motorcycle navigators, GPS voice instructions, compatible with the main smartphone navigation apps

Package single
Use pilot passenger
Battery duration from 10 to 15
Distance 10mt
Compatible with Bluetooth® Yes