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Never risk running out of fuel

The first tip is to always carry a large tank filled with fuel. To avoid walking in remote places, but also to waste time in service stations. The same goes for electricity: and here come back useful chargers like our Power Bank, which allows you to recharge your mobile devices - interphones, tablets, smartphones, navigators - on the road and to restart the bike when the battery is on the ground. It is also a good idea to apply an aluminum protective plate under the motorcycle, so as to reduce the impact of shocks and protect the engine; and attach a pair of solid handguards to the handlebar.

Sometimes the difference is in the simplest objects

Your motorcycle expeditions require clothing that makes you feel at ease: in addition to a protective, waterproof and ventilated suit, comfortable and resistant gloves and boots that adequately protect ankles and sole of the foot are essential. Keep an eye on your luggage: that it is well covered and distributed, to balance the weight on the bike and repair it from the weather. Every detail, even those taken for granted, helps make your adventure more enjoyable and safe.

Safety: cautions are never enough

Last but not least, safety: starting from an effective system of spotlights, like our Led Light, to pierce the darkness even in the most inaccessible and isolated paths. To bring also a jack, a manometer to measure the pressure of the tires, a wrench, a pair of vices, a spare hose for flat tires and everything that can be used in emergency situations. Weight and space permitting, of course. It is superfluous to reiterate the importance of a satellite navigator: that it costs a little, but it's worth it.