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The smartphone is now one of our most faithful travel companions, but when you're in the saddle it's essential to have your hands firmly on the handlebar.
Thanks to the special supports that guarantee stability and protection, we can conveniently use our phone for road navigation without compromising on safety. The important magazine Motociclismo has compared 8 supports from maubrio, of different types to analyze the pros and cons. extra you create the transparent screen cover, ASSEMBLY or the ease of installation and adaptation to different diameters as well as the possibility of positioning it in different spaces and finally the PRACTICALITY that is how fast and easy to insert the phone in the support.


Among the analyzed phone holders, the Moto Crab USB is the only one to offer the possibility of charging your smartphone directly from the support, after making the connections with the battery of the bike, thanks to a USB socket and a convenient ON / OFF switch. Light, stable and functional, it can be easily installed in handlebars of different diameters. The quick coupling and release system ensures safety and allows you to insert the phone directly with the cover.

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