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Enjoy the 2 + 2 warranty extension on intercoms purchased on the website
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When we designed the 3 new Unite motorcycle intercoms, we thought of you.

You always thought that yes, maybe an intercom could be useful, but how boring it is to have that bulk, it just ruins the aesthetics of the helmet. Without thinking of all the considerations of a true centaur of the road such as "on a motorcycle I only have to hear the roar of the engine" and those more to the Easy Rider "the motorbike for me is freedom, wind in my hair, views and no distraction".

But stop for a moment to think ... put the keychain on the house keys so as not to lose them, put a case on the phone so as not to damage it, put the bags on the bike to have more space, here is the intercom is that extra thing that helps you to have more comfort and that once installed it will complement your helmet in a natural way.


Then let's face it ... how many useless purchases have you made in your life and how many times have you not given yourself a gift that you would have deserved instead? A motorcycle intercom not only provides you with all the entertainment you want, but increases your safety on the bike which is never too much when we are in the saddle.

Getting lost in the streets, taking the wrong route, puncturing a tire are just some of the situations in which it might be useful to communicate in a timely manner without having to stop.

When you travel by car, do you regularly use the GPS navigator, listen to the radio, receive phone calls and why shouldn't you also do it on a motorcycle? If you have to face a long journey, wouldn't you want some company ?!
And do you want to know a secret? With our intercoms if you get that phone call that makes you exclaim "what does this want now ?!" you can always not answer and run away from boring girlfriends / boyfriends, business calls at inappropriate times, call centers that try to sell you products and continue your ride without distractions.


The Unite range consists of three models, or rather three fantastic models (and I am not exaggerating), which stand out for their functionality but which have the super slim design with zero impact on the helmet as common point.
To achieve this reduced size, we have separated the battery from the control unit, this is a great advantage. You can easily replace it with a spare battery if the intercom runs out while you are traveling but also if you do not feel like it or do not have the possibility to recharge it.
Now you may be thinking "here, another encumbrance that ruins my new helmet" but I stop you ... You can comfortably hide it inside and as if by magic it will be completely invisible.

We now come to the moment of the presentation of our 3 superheroes,
The first intercom we present to you is U-COM2 for Batman friends, with a glossy black design that blends in with every helmet, perfect for communication in pairs and up to 600mt. His superpower? It has the cheapest price on the market and is as small as 2 AA batteries. Go into the living room, take the TV remote, open it and immediately discover yours size. Compatible with the original oem systems installed in the helmets and with most of the intercoms of other brands on the market, it clears all communication limits. In addition, it is equipped with Bluetooth® 5.0, which you may not know, but it allows you to expand the transmission range and increase its capacity. In other words, it is faster and can operate over greater distances than previous versions of Bluetooth.
The audio quality is very high, the 32mm HD speakers will make your music enveloping and clear and you can listen to the radio and all your favorite playlists even in the background during a communication.

Let's move on to U-COM4, let's call it Spiderman because even if it doesn't scale walls and roofs it creates groups of up to 4 intercoms with a fast and stable connection. Perfect for the group of friends who decide to go for a ride and want to communicate without problems even if the intercoms are of different brands. 32mm HD speaker for high audio performance combined with total compatibility with oem and tft systems. The dimensions are also small for him, in this case go to the kitchen and open your coffee machine, place two capsules side by side and you will have his size. Small right?

Superman does not become Superman, Superman is born Superman. Just as U-COM16 was born to be the thinnest Mesh on the market. It won't know how to lift cars but it sure makes every connection fly, allowing you to connect up to 24 riders with a simple click. It is resistant and fast and has 40mm HD speakers to guarantee you the best audio quality. Speaking of super powers, it also has a magical antenna that increases the connection range. Fantastic isn't it? Ah, right… we were talking about size. Well, U-com16 is super thin and as tall as a pack of chewing gum, considering you usually keep it in your pocket, you can imagine how small it is.

All Unite models have an innovative dedicated, easy and intuitive multilingual app, which allows you to customize them in the best possible way and conveniently from your phone. They are waterproof, allow the activation of the smartphone's voice assistant and can share music and phone calls. They also enjoy +2 years of extra free warranty extension, to guarantee you 4 years of use in total peace of mind.

Now you just have to choose the model that best suits your needs and boost your communication on the motorcycle!

Join the UNITE revolution and choose your superpower!