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Enjoy the 2 + 2 warranty extension on intercoms purchased on the website
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Have you ever wondered why music is so special?

What it evokes, the sensations of a song, the memories that some stanzas move us.
It may be that sometimes with the right song you feel a bit protagonist, protagonist of your own film.

Maybe when we are in the saddle we are a bit masters of the road, we would never want to go down and even when we use it for short journeys we always expect the best, we want to hear the roar of the engine but also a song in the background, a bit of radio. … Selecting the right playlists can create the soundtrack to start or end each day in the best possible way.

And it doesn't matter if you are a bit of an easy rock n 'roll rider who dreams of the great American streets, a lover of 80's disco house and flared pants (because "oh, how much I miss the old days"), one who loves to sing out loud the best Italian hits or if you feel a more modern and listen to what is on the radio: music is part of your days.

So why not expect the highest quality even on a motorcycle?
When our technicians created the 3 new motorcycle intercoms of the Unite line they knew what could certainly not be missing. As riders who have eaten bread and motorcycles since they were children, they still want to have fun and above all they are music lovers. So you can rest assured, every U-com motorcycle intercom is equipped with speakers of the highest audio quality, ready to envelop you in their deep bass and their clean sound.

To make you experience their high performance to the maximum, the most modern technology for bluetooth intercoms has been used: 32 and 40mm HD speakers. Big yes but above all comfortable, thanks to their slim design once installed in your motorcycle helmet the only difference you will notice is the audio quality.

We have also thought of another thing to make you enjoy their audio performances to the fullest, follow us on Spotify.

Ride the sound playlists are waiting for you and can't wait to accompany you on every road. Choose the mood you prefer and click play, connect with your friends and create the right background, forgetting the stress of having to waste time looking for the song that everyone likes. From today, driving to the sound of the best hits of all time is quick and easy.


But wait ... The playlists are constantly updated and we want your opinion to include that song "that just can't be missing". It's your turn, leave us a comment ►HERE and the next time you open the playlist you can say “this is my song”.

With Interphone, safety and fun always go hand in hand.