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Today Salvatore Di Benedetto is better known as Sasaplanet, a Neapolitan with a passion for motorcycles and travel. A passion that in 13 years has led him to travel the roads of 81 countries on 4 continents for a total of almost 300 thousand km.

To deal with these trips he used 7 motorcycles, but the one he kidnapped her heart is the KTM 990 Adventure S and describes her as a woman who has been able to kidnap his heart.

In which year did you start traveling by motorbike? Where have you been on your longest journey?
The first motorcycle trip was in 2006, the year I had just taken the KTM and went on a tour of Sardinia.
This is a point that I care a lot to underline, as many ask me for advice on the first trip and on the destination,
thinking that if you don't fly to the other side of the world then you can't consider travel or adventure.
We live in the most beautiful country in the world and to do a little experience no matter where you go and how long you are away, the important thing is simply to get on our bike and have fun: the most amazing adventure could also be near our home.

And where have you been for the first "long" trip?
After the first experience in Sardinia something had gone off inside me and in January 2007 I took part in a
organized trip in which I made 8000 km with departure from Bangkok in Thailand, passing through Laos, through Cambodia until returning to Bangkok. This was perhaps the most important trip for me, I was just 23 years old and no experience, but with me came experienced travelers who taught me a lot and with whom I made 2 more expeditions in the following years.
The second trip was from the Addis Ababa plateau to Ethiopia, passing through the grasslands of Kenya and ending in Tanzania and the following year from Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso to Benin. I had learned enough and in 2010 I started traveling solo.


Where was this passion born? (friends, dad ...?)
Certainly my dad had a fundamental role in hatching this passion, even if I think it's something I had inside from birth. My mom always tells me that when I was still unable to walk I crawled up to the little electric bike that dad gave me, I climbed on it and started going around the house for hours until that the battery was not discharged. At 15 my dad gave me the first bike, an Aprilia Rs 50 and from there I started to change them every 1 or 2 years, all street bikes. The turning point towards travel motorbikes occurred in 2005, the year in which for work reasons I moved to Morocco and there I fell in love with my current motorbike.

How has the way of traveling by motorbike changed over the years?
Certainly everything has changed since I started in 2006.
Before it was certainly more adventurous, it was difficult to find information, today thanks to the progress that has brought the internet and why not, social networks, everything is easier. Thanks to mobile phones and GPS it has become almost impossible to get lost and even if you are lost somewhere in the world, there is always a connection that can help you find information.
But progress has led to greater security and the breaking down of borders.

The biggest difficulty you face in everyday life when traveling by motorbike?
It is not easy for me to answer this question, after having been in the Dasht-E Lut desert in Iran at 58 degrees or having made a winter expedition to the North Cape where my best friend and I found temperatures up to 31 degrees below the zero. I could say nature, but with the right equipment, preparing adequately and above all driven by our love for two wheels, everything becomes affordable.

What is the country that most surprised you?
For one reason or another, each country has something special and out of 81 visited it is really difficult to choose just one. I could answer that I am fascinated by the Andean beauty of Bolivia with its colorful lagoons and salt lakes at more than 4500 meters above sea level. Or you could mention the size of the archaeological sites of Peru and Cambodia. The diversity of Ethnic groups in Ethiopia, the country in the world that boasts the largest number, about 80 different, not to mention the beauty of its volcanoes among the few in the world constantly active. Finally, one could mention the kindness of the Iranian people and the beauty along the entire Silk Road that brought Marco Polo from Venice to the court of the powerful Mongolian Khans.

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Tell us how planning an adventure motorcycle trip begins.
I think the planning phase is the most important part, I spend months studying itineraries and places to visit.
For example, I love to take off-road routes so I look for GPX tracks on the various sites, I study them, I adapt them to my needs and load them on the devices I have with me.


What is the object you bring with you as a good luck or as a comfort? And the most curious episode that happened to you?
A small plush boar that was given to me by my girlfriend. It reflects me and my way of riding the bike,
this could be the reason for which I destroy all the bikes at the end of the trips. The most curious episode happened to me in Iran where I was invited to a motocross race as a Special Guest and the audience cheered me more than the riders who ran.

What are the most frequent unexpected events during a trip? And what is the strangest thing that has happened to you?
They are an attraction for punctures, I can't remember a single trip where I didn't puncture tires
and think that in Iran I had the chance to drill 7 times in just two days. But the most absurd thing that happened to me was breaking the frame of my old Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Ténéré on the border between Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

How do you set up your bike for a long journey?
The preparation of the bike the study based on the trip that I will go to face. I have often mounted larger tanks or jerry cans to have more autonomy. I use gps and applications for off-road navigation, I always mount smartphone holder with power supply. Other important thing is to protect the bike especially in what are the weak points of the model we use, then I would say some nice additional spotlights for when traveling at dusk or when it happens to do it at night and finally a nice luggage system that can be soft or rigid.

We thank Salvatore and we remind you that you too can follow him on his social channels so as not to miss his adventures: