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Even if in this period the motorbike remained stationary in the garage,
we still have to take care of it.
It can also be a way to deceive boredom a little and live our passion in a different way. We therefore want to give you some ideas on what precautions to
take when the bike is stationary for a long period.

Watch this video to discover the tips recommended by the Perfect (Andrea Perfetti)

Let's start checking the tire pressure, if we don't have stands to lift the bike, let's inflate them to the pressure indicated by the parent company.

To maintain the state of the battery, we recommend connecting it to a charge maintainer or detaching the battery poles.

Remember to keep the petrol tank full to avoid the appearance of condensation that could ruin the inside of the tank.

Time is certainly not short, so why not try to do a DIY coupon?
Make sure you have all the necessary components by helping yourself with the use and maintenance manual of your motorcycle, check the viscosity of the engine oil and watch some tutorials.

When we have finished all the checks we can devote ourselves to cleaning, we have plenty of time to polish it in a "manic" way and clean every little detail to return bright on the road.
Remember to also clean the transmission with specific products, even the crown, chain and sprocket need frequent maintenance, unless you have the cardan.

If even when you're on the sofa there is always one fixed thought, start making a list and research how you can customize your bike. There are many accessories that can give a distinctive touch and help you stand out. From the more functional ones such as paramotors, additional spotlights to those with mainly aesthetic purposes.

Knowing any problems and malfunctions of your motorbike could be of great help during a trip, so why not consult the websites and forums where you can find useful advice for each brand and model?

No less important is the communication in motion, on the Interphone site you can find a lot of information about our products, so once you are back on the road you can show off your new intercom.

And you? How else do you take care of your bike?