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U-COM 16

The thinnest mesh intercom on the market




  • ADVANCED FEATURES: Mesh 2.0 and Bluetooth® 5.0 technology - Mesh communication in a group of up to 24 intercoms - Battery duration in intercom only mode up to 8h in Mesh and 15h in Bluetooth® (duration varies with background music/GPS/radio) - Complete charge in 1h -Extensive compatibility with all Sena, TFT and GPS systems on the market - Mesh Bridge, possibility to add another Bluetooth® intercom to the mesh conversation - Integrated voice control to manage the device’s functions.
  • APP: New iOS and Android App - Total control of the intercom functions - Residual charge time displayed - Installed firmware version and availability of new releases displayed - Battery charge percentage displayed - Intercom group creation made easy - Smart intercom pairing: intercom pairing via QR code - Selection of the audio equalizer presets.
  • AUDIO: Device management with multilingual voice control - Pre-recorded voice messages Windproof directional microphone - Automatic volume adjustment (can be deactivated) on 3 levels - New 40 mm HD top sound speakers - Audio equalizer - Vox intercom adjustable on 5 levels - HD intercom
  • BUILT-IN FM RADIO: Reception from 76.0 MHz to 108 MHz - RDS function (chooses the best frequencies based on zones) - 10 station presets - Automatically saves the first 10 stations with the most powerful signal - Automatic mute for incoming phone calls.
  • CHIP/BATTERY/BATTERY CHARGER: Chipset: Bluetooth® version 5.0 and Mesh 2.0 - Fast charge: charges your intercom at top speed. With 20 minutes of charge, you get up to 6h of Bluetooth® and 3h of Mesh conversation - Micro connectors for microphone and speaker, type C for charging and data.
  • COMPATIBILITY: With all Bluetooth® smartphones - GPS sat-navs with Bluetooth® technology and HFP profile - Total integration with all Sena systems and helmets with built-in communication system - Connection with intercoms of other brands in Anycom mode - Compatibility with all TFT and GPS systems - Can be installed on most helmets.
  • DIMENSIONS: weight: 60g - length: 85mm - height: 48mm - thickness: 12mm
  • FIRMWARE UPDATE: Device update and configuration from PC (Windows and MacOs
  • GENERAL FEATURES: Connection between intercoms up to 1.6km - Connection between intercoms with a click - Menu with multilingual voice guide - Smartphone connection - Music listening/sharing, phone calls - Waterproof (IP67) - Conversation between intercoms with background audio of the radio/GPS/music functions - Device configuration in beginner or expert mode - Possibility to charge the intercom during use.
  • GPS: Compatible with the major motorbike Bluetooth® sat-navs - GPS voice instructions also in background during intercom conversation - Compatible with the major sat-nav apps for smartphones, voice instructions also in background.
  • MOBILE PHONE: Dual point, possibility to connect two smartphones to the module at the same time - Voice-activated answering - Management with Apple and Android voice assistant - Speed dial: possibility to store 3 phone numbers - Last Number Redial - Sharing of phone conversation with another intercom.
  • MUSIC: Audio playback (A2DP/AVRCP) from smartphone, vehicle multimedia systems (TFT), MP3 players and other Bluetooth® players - Song Sharing: sharing of music between driver and passenger.
  • PACK CONTENTS: Adhesive – Velcro for helmet installation - Clip assembly support - TS 40mm speaker - Boom microphone (open-face and modular helmets) and adhesive (full-face helmets) - Removable battery with support for helmet installation - Type C USB cable for data and charging.

Distance OVER 1 Km
Battery duration FROM 10 h TO 15 h
Technology BLUETOOTH/MESH 2.0
Phone/GPS/Music A2DP YES
Voice commands YES
Music/FM/GPS in background YES
Speakers 40MM
Intercom with other brand YES
Connectivity with OEM intercom YES
Song sharing YES
FM radio YES
Voice guidance YES
Waterproof IP67
Weight 60 g
Compare these features with those of other intercoms
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The Interphone Unite App is the simplest and most intuitive way to manage your
new Moto Unite intercom customizing it to your liking.

Set language
Manage group lists & Intercom groups
Manage intercom paring
Get updates on the latest firmware and notices
Quick Start Guide
All device settings
Set up speed dials
Preset 10 FM radio stations
and so on...