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This policy has been prepared in accordance with Articles 13-14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and is intended for all users and visitors to the website interphone.com. This document cancels and replaces in full the previously published documents.

Please note that this website conforms to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), which protects individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data. Your data will be processed in accordance with the principles of fairness, legality and transparency, and your confidentiality and rights will be protected.

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1. Who processes my data?
Through the use of this website, your personal data will be processed by the following independent Data Controllers:
• CELLULARLINE S.P.A. (headquartered in Reggio Emilia at Via G. Lambrakis 1/A, tax code and VAT no. 09800730963 and number of registration on the Companies Register of Reggio Emilia no. 315329; tel. +39 0522 334002), proprietor of the website, domain names and brands “Cellularline” and “Interphone”.
•  T-Data Srl (with registered office in Campogalliano, Via Strasburgo 31, tax code and VAT number IT03854490368 and registration number at Business Register of Modena IT03854490368; tel. 0331 109004; e-mail: support@t-data.it),
which deals with the management of orders, sales, and product delivery a "Cellularline" and "Interphone" brands marketed on the site, as well as the management of returns, the legal guarantee and other activities necessary for the sale of products through the site. Here you can view the seller's information.

2. Why is the data used, on what legal basis and for how long?

Detailed information on the processing of browsing data and cookies can be found in the Cookie Policy.

By registering on the website, users can access all the services provided for registered users, which are available in the reserved area. The login credentials for the reserved area of the website www.interphone.com are also valid for the services available in the reserved area of the websitewww.cellularline.com. Registration is optional.
Legal basis
The legal basis for the processing of this data is the contract between the user and Cellularline for the use of our services, including website purchases and management of the standard warranty.
Conservation period
The data relating to a registered account will be processed until the account is deleted by the user. This can be done at any time by accessing the reserved area of the website, or upon express request by the user.

With an e-commerce purchase by an unregistered user, Cellularline will collect and make available to T-Data S.r.l the data necessary to complete the order.
Legal basis
The legal basis for the processing of this data is the fulfilment of the pre-contractual measures adopted at the request of the Data Subject.
Conservation period
Details of orders made by an unregistered user will be kept by Cellularline for the time necessary to complete the order.

Registration for newsletters is completely optional.
The newsletter and DEM service is conducted through automated systems. This may involve mailing campaigns provided by MagNews (Diennea), the company appointed as the external Data Processor. The content of marketing communications may relate to: products of Cellularline S.p.A., contexts using products available from the online shop, images, videos or other multimedia content relating to the products or brands of Cellularline S.p.A.
Legal basis
This data is collected on the basis of consent. The legal basis for this processing is the consent given through conclusive evidence at the time the newsletter is requested.
Conservation period
The processing of contact details for this purpose will take place until such time as the user declares that they no longer wish to receive the service (using the link in each e-mail or, for registered users, using the section in their personal area), or if the e-mail address is no longer active.

Where the warranty on “Interphone” products is extended, the details of the related products may be requested and processed, together with any other information that is essential for the warranty contract. This data will be processed for warranty management purposes.
Legal basis
The basis for the processing of data for the warranty is the contract, while for market research, the legal basis is the legitimate interest (Article 6, letter f of Regulation (EU) 2016/679).
Conservation period
The data processed for the warranty contract will be kept for 10 years.

If you request the exercise of your rights as indicated in paragraph 7 of this policy, you may be asked to provide identification details which will be processed in accordance with the legal obligations by which CELLULARLINE is bound, in order to reply to the request, to verify its authenticity and to take the necessary actions.
Any refusal to provide data for this purpose will mean that CELLULARLINE will be unable to fulfil the request of the user, who may not, therefore, exercise their rights.
Legal basis
For the performance of legal obligations.
Conservation period
The data requested from the Data Subject for this purpose will be processed for the time necessary for the management and closure of the request, and it may be kept for the time necessary to certify that the request has been fulfilled.

CELLULARLINE S.P.A. may process the personal data collected through browsing the website and through using its functions in order to verify, exercise or defend its rights.
Legal basis
For the above purpose, data that was initially collected for a different purpose will be used; such data will be processed on the basis of the proprietor’s legitimate interests (Article 6, letter f of Regulation (EU) 2016/679).
Conservation period
For up to 10 years from the date of collection or fulfilment of the purpose for which the data was originally collected.

3. How will the data be processed?
For the above purposes, the personal data will be processed using manual, analogue, computer-based, electronic and telematic instruments and media, which may be automated, in order to connect the data with the data of other persons based on quali-quantitative and temporal criteria which may be recurring or defined on a case-by-case basis, using logic and forms of data organisation which are closely correlated to the purposes of the processing, always in such a way that the data’s security and confidentiality is guaranteed.

4. Am I obligated to provide my data?
Subject to the indications given with regard to browsing data, users are free to provide their personal data. As CELLULARLINE has organised its activities by limiting the collection of personal data based on the principle of strict necessity, for certain operations such as the completion of online forms, any failure to provide data marked with an asterisk (*) may mean that it is not possible to fulfil the requested operation.
Please also note that any consent you provide for marketing operations may be withdrawn at any time, using the link in each e-mail or, for registered users, using the relevant section in their personal area.

5. Who will my data be disclosed to? Will my data be disseminated?
Dissemination: Your data will NOT be disseminated in any case.
Communication: Your data may be disclosed to any person, including public authorities, who have access to it by virtue of regulatory or administrative orders.
Your personal data may also be communicated to:
•            Authorised employees and/or collaborators appointed as persons in charge of the processing;
•            T-Data S.r.l, to fulfil its activities;
•            Third parties, consultants or professionals appointed as Data Processors, including IT providers for maintenance, mailing or cloud services.
The full list of data recipients is available at the CELLULARLINE head office.

6. Where will my data be stored?
Your data will be stored at the offices of the Data Controller and it will not be transferred to non-EU countries.

7. What are your rights?
As the Data Subject you have a series of rights governed by Articles 15-22 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. These include:
Right to access your personal data (once you have confirmation that the data has been processed by the Data Controller);
Right of rectification and integration of your data;
Right to the erasure of your personal data;
Right to limit the processing of your personal data under certain conditions;
Right to receive your personal data as supplied to the Data Controller, in a structured, commonly used format, and to send them to a different Data Controller;
Right to object to the data processing for legitimate reasons related to your personal situation;
Right not to be subjected to an automated decision-making process;
Right to be informed if your data is affected by a serious breach;
Right to revoke consent to the data processing at any time;
Right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority.

The Data Controller will facilitate the exercise of the Data Subjects’ rights, wherever possible.
To exercise your rights or if you have any doubts or concerns related to the processing of your personal data, please contact CELLULARLINE S.P.A. by e-mail at privacy@cellularline.com.

8. Policy update
Policy last updated on: 04 May 2020