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It's never easy to figure out what to bring when you are on a short or long journey on two wheels. It is necessary to understand how to organize everything to the fullest and make the most of the space granted without undermining driving comfort. When it comes to suitcases the main distinction is between rigid aluminum bags, rigid plastic bags and soft bags. The aluminum bags are very roomy, resistant and easily foldable thanks to locks that guarantee a good level of security. The plastic bags are roomy and range from the design point of view. The soft bags are more flexible and if used in offroad they suffer less damage in case of fall, they also have a more nomadic and wild look. Yes frame or frame no? It is always necessary in rigid suitcases, and is equipped with a quick coupling and release that allows an ultra fast removal of the bag. It is especially useful with large soft bags. In addition to the more technical features, a personal choice is also a factor of choice, the plastic and aluminum suitcases give a more adventure look while the soft ones give a more offroad and wild style

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Engine guards are generally tubular steel structures whose main function is to protect the motorcycle in the event of a fall. A must-have accessory for adventure and off-road trips with large displacement bikes but also very useful on asphalt to protect the vehicle from accidental drops. The main difference is between those that protect only the lower part of the engine, less invasive and less heavy, and the larger ones that also protect the side fairing of the bike and offer more possibilities for installation. The engine guard is also used to mount additional small bags and additional spotlights, useful for increasing daytime and nighttime visibility.

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Spotlights are a fundamental accessory to increase visibility. They improve the lighting of the bike and increase driving safety, giving it an adventure and globetrotter look. The Interphone spotlights have a LED technology that offers high lighting performance with reduced dimensions and requiring very low power consumption, they are easily installed on almost all motorcycles. They are very useful for other road users to see your bike near intersections, intersections and adverse weather conditions. At the same time they are essential in case of night driving, both on the road and beyond the asphalt. The spotlights are durable, reliable and waterproof and ready to accompany you in your every adventure, they are not afraid of any condition of use.

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The military device GPS has become over time a convenient and indispensable accessory for modern travelers. Useful for following planned itineraries, reaching various destinations, recording the routes taken and sharing them. More and more events, from the height of competition like the Dakar to more peaceful adventouring events, require the use of these devices. Various types are available on the market but those dedicated to the motorcycle world are among the most functional, performing and multi-purpose. Only via GPS you can access dedicated routes on the two most detailed wheels in the world, so you can plan your journeys down to the smallest detail with an ever new point of view.

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