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Today we talk about protection, protection is very important. I don't know what you are thinking about, but we are talking about cases and specifically cases for your smartphone to use while you are on the motorbike.

We know that while driving the phone is not used, but we must make a distinction because there are exceptions that make it useful in our motorcycle tours and in any case it is right to ensure the right protection (also because with the prices they have today it is better remain unharmed for years).

Curious to discover three situations in which a comfortable motorcycle phone holder might come in handy?

Hook the phone to the handlebar to use it as a practical GPS, which even if you have the sense of direction of a compass and now you feel the master of every road, never let it be that you get lost ... and what do you look like with your friends ?

Do not lose it in the maze of jackets and bags, which are known to hide and do not steal a thing but when we look for it we want to find it immediately, and toh ... that's where the phone was, right there on the handlebar.

What if the photographer's spirit starts? If that funny unexpected happens that makes you say "damn if I had taken a picture"? The smartphone is there comfortable on the handlebar, ready to shoot, you just have to click and voilà immortalized moment.

If you too are looking for these comforts, choose one of our motorcycle phone holders. We have so many types that we sometimes forget ourselves and today we want to help you find the perfect one for your needs.


As you can see, the first big distinction is between dedicated cases and universal cases, so the first question you need to ask yourself is how often you change your phone and if you own more than one smartphone.

If you are a true iPhone addicted then you will probably opt for one of our dedicated cases, compatible with the latest iPhone models. Totally waterproof and guaranteeing maximum safety. The touchscreen is fully usable even with the phone inserted and thanks to the materials with which they are designed you will not have to fear the much hated reflection on the screen.

Moving on to universal cases we have a further division: open universals vs closed universals.

In the first category there is the great family of CRAB, here we really indulged ourselves, yes because we made one without recharging, one with usb recharging, one with wireless recharging ... In short, in this case you can not find the Perfect accessory for your motorcycle if you love open cases. They are all universal and therefore allow their use with different brands and sizes of smartphones, so if you have multiple phones you can safely use them. You also don't have to remove the cover, so you can keep double security. The name is all a program, Crab in English is crab and in fact every phone holder in this range has a strong and secure grip like that of its claws.

In the Crab, we find the two ALU cases, one with USB charging to keep your smartphone always at 100% battery even in the saddle. Their name derives from the material with which they were designed, resistant and sturdy anodized aluminum, light and elegant. They have an anti-slip coating that we call "supergrip" because it holds the phone firmly and the spider safety system that blocks it in any situation.

Moving on to the universal closed motorcycle phone holders, we find the latest arrivals in Interphone or the ARMOR, perfect also for all Phone12 models. Even just from the name you can understand what characterizes them ... they are a real armor for your phone, resistant and sturdy, they do not fear any weather conditions and can also be used with the charging cable inserted.

The MASTER are functional and protect your smartphone from all weather conditions. They have a comfortable sun visor to avoid the much-hated reflection on the screen and a convenient removable internal wallet to always carry documents and credit cards with you. They also have an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

All motorcycle phone holders in addition to installation on the handlebar offer the possibility of mounting on a mirror, windshield arch or handlebar crossbar to guarantee maximum versatility.

Carrying your smartphone with you guaranteeing maximum protection from bumps, falls and bad weather has never been so simple and safe. Visit the product pages to discover the different features and find the phone holder that best suits your habits!

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